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Exploration of Data Behavior at Mobile Sink
Sumedha Sirsikar and Shalini Gour


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) consist of small nodes with sensing, computation, and wireless communications capabilities. These sensors have the ability to communicate either among each other or directly to an external base-station (BS). Sensor nodes are highly constrained in terms of energy supply and bandwidth.  Wireless sensor network with static sink suffers from the Energy Hole Problem [2] or Hot Spot Problem. In this problem nodes near to the sink depletes more energy which leads to network partitioning. We propose a solution to this problem as mobile sink in wireless sensor network. Using mobile sink the problem of Hot Spot can be efficiently minimized. The proposed protocol uses delay tolerant approach where the proposed algorithm divides the WSN into the number of clusters. Each cluster has a cluster head and cluster members when a node wants to send data to the sink it first sends data to the cluster head (CH) then CH sends data to the sink. In the proposed work the network is scalable so if the network size increases the sink will store a huge amount of data such as location of CH and aggregated data from various CH. Hence the proposed approach also incorporates the behavior of data at the mobile sink.

2016International Journal of Computer Science and Applications 

Published by Research Publications, India