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Sense Disambiguation Using Decision Graph for Marathi Language Words
Nutan B. Zungre, Gauri M. Dhopavkar and Nagmani Wanjari


“Sense Disambiguation” of a word is a simple way of selecting proper sense (meaning) for an ambiguous word in a given context. Sense disambiguation of a word is very crucial, and its importance is used in every application of computational linguistics. There are many methods available in Natural Language Processing for performing the sense disambiguation. In our work, we are proposing the Graph-based algorithm through which the ambiguity is resolved for the words based on their senses and the context domain. Graph-based algorithm creates a graph comprising the word to be disambiguated along with their corresponding candidate sense. In the proposed work, sense disambiguation of word has been done for Marathi language words. Multiple meanings of Marathi word has been explored with the help of Marathi WordNet [4] prepared by IIT-Bombay.

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