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Presence Cloud - a scalable mobile presence service in control message transmission


Mahesh V. Shastri and Sachin B. Jadhav



Today Social networking services on the Internet are growing and increasing number of people are using these new ways to communicate and share information. At the same time mobile phones are becoming more powerful and increasingly offer high speed Internet connectivity. Because of this people expect these social networking services to be available on their mobile device. To maintain mobile userís presence information such as the current status (online/offline), GPS location and network address, and also updates the userís online friends with the information continually the mobile presence service is essential component. So when that presence update occurs frequently the scalability problem occurs at server side to resolve this problem we proposed scalable server architecture called as presence cloud, which enables mobile presence services to support large-scale social network applications. When a mobile user joins a network, Presence Cloud searches for the presence of his/her friends and notifies them of his/her arrival. Presence Cloud organizes presence servers into a quorum-based server-to-server architecture for efficient presence searching. It also efficiently uses a directed search algorithm and a one-hop caching strategy to achieve small constant search latency. We analyze the performance of Presence Cloud in terms of the search cost and search satisfaction level. The search cost is defined as the total number of messages generated by the presence server when a user arrives; and search satisfaction level is defined as the time it takes to search for the arriving userís friend list.

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