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GSM based Navigation Digital Notice Board


Mr. Y. P. Sushir, Prof. S.R.Umbarkar and Prof. S.R. Wadekar



In this paper we propose digital notice board explains how to establish an Effective and reliable communication between user and GSM based Notice board using microcontroller, by using direction sensor (IR direction sensor). We can rotate the news or notice or time table or related to any data which  will  be display on notice board from right to left, left to right,  up to down and down to up. In today’s life most of the colleges, offices use a simple notice board in which we cannot manage the whole data on single page for long time and it need more maintenance as compare to digital notice board. Some of the places need quick notices display on notice board like in college, railway stations  share-market , restaurant and this notice should be in real-time, so we need a real-time notice board.

          This project is our experiment to give a start to the area of manual handling notice board. In this, we present a feature extraction and sensor fusion technique that exploits a set of wireless nodes equipped with IR sensors to track hand movement.

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