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The Role of Cloud Computing in Mobile

Rajesh A. Dhote and Satish B. Belsare


The mobile cloud computing approach has emerged as a promising way to address the new challenges in the application development and implementation of resources sharing or distributed computing. The capabilities of mobile devices have been improving quickly than computers.  Many researchers focus on the area of mobile computing and cloud computing. The mobile computing means to access shared data or infrastructure through portable devices like PDA, smart phone, tablet and so on. Independently from physical location and cloud computing means a virtual computing, distributed computing or resources sharing. Mobile uses the cloud for both application development as well as hosting. The most of application in mobile is cloud based application i.e. IE, social networking apps like facebook apps, that accessible through cloud (internet). It provides the user to interface the data and services on the cloud platform .The mobile computing needed to be limited energy  than regular cloud computing. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss about the role of cloud computing in mobile which is very useful for mobile users to access internet on mobile and to interface the social applications through online.

2013 International Journal of Computer Science and Applications 

Published by Research Publications, India