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IJCSA ISSN: 0974-1011 (Online) >>    
Word Sense Disambiguation and Classification Algorithms: A Review

Sunita Rawat and Dr. M. B. Chandak



Natural language is most common way to communicate with each other but its not possible to understand all the languages. To understand different languages machine translation (MT) is required. MT is the most excellent application which helps to understand any other language in very less time and cost. Related to this context some problems are faced by researchers like words which pronounce same but having totally different meaning, few words spelled different but having identical meaning, while in some cases combination of words may change the meaning. Thus Word Sense Disambiguation is needed to resolve such kind of problems. Word Sense Disambiguation is used to understand the correct meaning of the word with respect to context in which that is used. In this paper, we will discuss about different classification algorithms, Machine Translation and Word sense disambiguation.

2015 International Journal of Computer Science and Applications 

Published by Research Publications, India