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An Intelligent Opinion Mining for Customer Reviews


Minal Thawakar, Shaikh Phiroj and Dr. Mohhamad Atique



Today opinion mining is fast growing topic as more and more people use internet in their day to day life and share information globally. Due to increase in social networking and micro-blogging people share their views, opinion and emotions with each other. This information is necessary for the organization that are selling or manufacturing products in order make changes in design and other configuration of the product. As number of customers give their reviews on same product so that it is difficult for the new user to take decision whether to buy a product or not. The proposed system gives an enhanced   summarized result for newly users in order to take fast decision. It extends the level of feature based opinion classification. A soft computing technique is used to classify opinion into positive and negative opinion. The extensive result is presented based on standard dataset retrieved from websites. It not only gives the summary of individual model of a car but also compare two models of a car. By using proposed system, it is easy for user to learn the characteristics of a model as well as to take fast decision.

2015 International Journal of Computer Science and Applications 

Published by Research Publications, India