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Performance Analysis For Optimization of Storage Reallocation Strategies In Cloud Environment


Pallavi Shelke and Manish  B. Gudadhe



Cloud computing promises cost effective and agile computing resources for users. It improves efficiency, save time and gives good return on investment in business.. Resource allocation guarantee that their customer get best performance or plan which services to offer to   get the best return on investment. This work study and analyze existing resource allocation strategies also proposes hybrid solution  for the development of high performance of resources allocation strategies which mainly focus on two Overbooking, & Just In Time (JIT), through implementation with help of Cloud Report Simulator. By combination of JIT and Overbooking simulation result shows that on average it increase resource allocation rate. It also possible for Cloud provider to execute  maximum number of cloudlet (task) on  minimum virtual machine. It also improved  utilization rate with limited constraints.

2015 International Journal of Computer Science and Applications 

Published by Research Publications, India