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Surveillance System based on Zigbee using ARM


Chetankumar Selukar, Pooja Kullarkar and Shailesh Kamble



This is an application of surveillance system is used to implement a monitoring and controlling system using arm intelligent monitoring and Controlling System which uses Samsung's processor (S3C6410) as its key component. The ecological conditions within laboratory can be monitored using sensors and other devices are connected to sensor controlling board with the help of Zigbee technology. We are distributing predefined standards from sensor board to ARM11 board through RS-232 cable which is linked to UART port of ARM. Lab surveillance by webcam and streaming transfer it to controller which transmits data to remote PC through Ethernet. User can observed continuous streaming and also sensorís values. If user want to control devices based on sensorís values is possible through web page from remote location using HTTP protocol which always requests the server for controlling devices. We developed GUI applications using Qt and Linux drivers for various types of sensors.

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