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IJCSA ISSN: 0974-1011 (Online) >>    
Review on Prediction of Heart Disease Using Data Mining Technique with Wireless Sensor Network                   
Prachi Jambhulkar and Vaidehi Baporikar


Largest study on various researches of deaths shows that heart diseases have emerged as the most popular killer disease in world. About 25 percent of deaths between the 25-69 years of age group occur due to different heart related problems. According to world health organization, it is the first leading cause of death amongst male as well as female. The reduction in supply of blood and oxygen to the heart leads to various heart diseases. Hence, the main objective of our paper is to predict more accurately the percentage of possibility of heart disease with minimum number of attributes. For this we use data mining technique along with wireless sensor network, we can collect different data records from Cleveland database and extract essential attributes required for heart disease prediction using data mining technique.  

2015 International Journal of Computer Science and Applications 

Published by Research Publications, India