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Research Publications, India



IRT EISSN: 2250-0804 (Online) >>    

Design and Development of Conveyor Belt System for Handling of Soaps in Detergents Industry

Dipak P. Kharat and Prof. Ajitabh Pateriya


Darshan Detergents is soap & detergents making industry. Soap cakes & detergents are manufactured & are sold mainly in rural areas. Daily production of Darshan Detergents varies from 5 to 7 tonnes of soap cakes which depends on customer demand also. Process flow of soap making is firstly raw material is fed to extruder from where long soap cakes are extruder which is then cut into soap cakes by soap cutter. After cutting machine soaps are fed to packing machine manually with the help of labours. Main purpose of study is that this manual labour can be reduced by considerable amount if we implement automatic material handling system. Idea is to design & develop a conveyor belt system that can convey soap cakes from cutting machine to packing machine. This project deals with synchronisation, design & development of conveyor belt system for soap handling in detergent industry.

2015 International Journal of Computer Science and Applications 

Published by Research Publications, India