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Sustainable Development – Built Environment for mankind

Prof.R.R.Sorate, Prof.G.M.Alapure, Mr.B.N.Muthe


Prof.R.R.Sorate, Prof.G.M.Alapure, Mr.B.N.Muthe, "Sustainable Development – Built Environment for mankind", IRT Proceeding on national conference on Innovative Approaches in Civil Engineering, 7-8 April, 2012, published by Indian research transaction, India

Abstract The present age is known as “the age of high expectation!” in a democratic country like India the common man looks toward the built environment i.e. man made environment as a development engine to filter the climate, natural as well as social and aesthetic to provide the highest quality of life with a desire “Livability Index”.

Rapid growth in population and migration, scarcity of spaces and poor land use, country planning, poverty in development of infrastructures and other related challenges are in front of planners, bureaucrats, politician, social workers and a common man to full fill their dreams. Creation of built Environment for mankind through eco-urbanism, green Architecture and use of eco-friendly construction material are the important subjects connected with sustainable development in order to protect the earth, green the earth and heal the earth!.

Cities in China Shenzhen ,Hong Kong, Singapore ,Malaysia, Japan and neighborhood planning in UK, Chandigarh, New Jaipur, Gandhinager and newly constructed hill station Lavasa city in India have shown the ways to tackle such type of problems related to planning, transportation, housing and tourism etc.

Keywords Built environment, eco- urbanism, Green Architecture, eco-friendly material

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