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IRT ISSN: 2250-0804 (Online) >> ISBN: 978-81-906467-0-8    

MIR: An Infrastructural Concept For Urban Traffic Management

Swati Shewale, Dr D K Parbat


Swati Shewale, Dr D K Parbat, "MIR: An Infrastructural Concept For Urban Traffic Management", IRT Proceeding on national conference on Innovative Approaches in Civil Engineering, 7-8 April, 2012, published by Indian research transaction, India


This paper discusses the limitation of existing methods of reducing the traffic congestion, where width wise expansion of roadways has got limitations, which leads a solution of vertical expansion only. In considering this aspect, an approach for Multi Layer Roadway is suggested in a very comprehensive manner to overcome the problem in the present situation. Multi Layer Roadway is the concept in which the roadways are plying one above other in layers and at the same level parking places are provided at the level of each layer at intermittent required places to accumulate vehicles. Stair box is suggested near the parking lot for vertical movements of road user.

Keywords MLR (Multi Layer Roadway), Infrastructure, traffic management

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