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Rehabilitation Of RCC Elevated Storage Reservoir-A Case Study

Ms. A.A. Yadav, Dr. A. M. Pande


Ms. A.A. Yadav, Dr. A. M. Pande, "Rehabilitation Of RCC Elevated Storage Reservoir-A Case Study", IRT Proceeding on national conference on Innovative Approaches in Civil Engineering, 7-8 April, 2012, published by Indian research transaction, India


Many of the existing reinforced concrete structures throughout the world are in urgent need of strengthening, repair or reconstruction because of damages of structural members due to various reasons. Direct observation of these damaged structures has shown that damage occurs usually to beams, columns and the failure is mainly due to increase in stress levels of the members. The Rehabilitation of the existing damaged Elevated storage reservoir with pile foundation of capacity 68m3 is used in this work to evaluate the effectiveness of retrofitting techniques, called Concrete Jacketing. One of the column support settles down by 130mm out four columns .The analysis of the structure are carried out and the root cause of the settlement of the support are investigated. The RC braces and columns are strengthened by reducing the stress using 1.25 factor. It is seen that the strengthened member exhibit significant reduction in the stresses. It appears that the proposed Retrofitting technique will have a significant impact in Engineering practice in the near future.

Keywords analysis, roots cause, retrofitting, support displacement, concrete jacketing

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  6. Failure of Overhead Water Tank in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India- A Case Study by Amjad Masood, Tazyeen Ahmad , Muhammad Arif, V. P Mital , Professors of Department of Civil Engineering, ZHCOT, AMU, Aligarh-202 002, U.P, India
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