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IRT ISSN: 2250-0804 (Online) >> ISBN: 978-81-906467-0-8    
Experimental Study On Shrinkage Behaviour Of Clay
Mrs. S. P. Lajurkar, Ms. M. S. Bhagat


Mrs. S. P. Lajurkar, Ms. M. S. Bhagat, "Experimental Study On Shrinkage Behaviour Of Clay", IRT Proceeding on national conference on Innovative Approaches in Civil Engineering, 7-8 April, 2012, published by Indian research transaction, India


An important aspect of the expansive soil mass is the volume reduction or shrinkage exhibited by the soil mass on drying. This aspect appears to be inadequately investigated in the available literature. This paper includes investigations on the shrink behaviour of soil and attempt is made to propose appropriate parameter characterizing shrinkability of soil on lines of the “Limiting Unit Swell Potential”. The aim of the research is to study shrinkage behaviour or the rate at which volume decrease takes place when a given soil at different initial water content shrink till it assume fully shrunken dry state. Extensive laboratory investigations were carried out on five soil materials, at different initial water contents, possessing different swelling characteristics and a simple rational approach is developed for estimating the vertical movement of soil during shrinkage.

Keywords Limiting Unit Swell Potential(PSu)0, Limiting Unit Shrink Potential,(Spu)0

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